Rubbers and rubber compounds

For rubbers, fumed silica is used as a filler and thickener. Due to its activity the strength of products based on synthetic rubber is increased up to 10 times, and strength of natural rubber products is increased about 2 times.
Fumed silica can be easily mixed and dispersed in rubber.
Introduction of fumed silica enhances hardness and framing of rubbers.
Silicone elastomers are the materials with unique technological properties. They are used everywhere, where high heat resistance, reliable electrical insulation, resistance to aggressive chemicals, soil release properties are needed. Fumed silica is the only excipient suitable for production of silicone.

As an additive to Silicone elastomers fumed silica is used in grades FUMISIL175 and FUMISIL300 in an amount of 35-45 parts for 100 pbw of rubber.