Appearance Porous white powder with bluish tint
Mass part of silicon dioxide, SiO2 wt%, min. 99,9
Iron Oxide Fe2O3 wt%, max. 0,003
Aluminium Oxide Al2O3 wt%, max. 0,05
Titanium Dioxide TiO2 wt%, max. 0,03
pH (in 4 % aqueous dispersion) 3,8-4,5
Loss on heating, (2 hrs at 105 0С), wt.%, max. 1,0
Loss on calcination, (2 hrs at 1000 0С), wt.%, max. 1,0
Bulk density, g/dm3
   noncompacted 40-60
   compacted 120-140
Specific surface, m2/gr by BET method 150±20
Mass part of large particles (Grit), wt. %,max. 0,04